So I just want to share something that is on my mind before I take my butt to bed. I mentioned in my last post that I started studying quantum physics. It really sounds way more complicated than it actually is. Quantum physics says that we create our own reality; our words and thoughts actually hold weight in the universe and it reflects in our lives. It states that we are the only ones that control our own happiness or the lack there of. The first time I was introduced to Quantum physics was by a guy at a restaurant I worked at about 5 years ago. He told me I should go watch a video that was on Netflix called “What the bleep do we know.” He was very passionate about this video so I made sure I went home and watched it.

When I tell you it really put a lot of things into perspective and actually was the beginning of a much needed positive change in my life. I couldn’t believe it mentioned things that I had not discussed with anyone but I had wondered about since I was a kid…I couldn’t deny what they were showing me. So it isn’t on Netflix anymore but here is a link for it:                                                                                                                So take a little time out to just chill and open your mind, you won’t regret it.

Have a great night beautiful people! Stay positive and love yourself first 🙂


R U veRaciUs?


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