Grey area

I don’t know why sometimes the right thing feels so wrong. We get into situations that are black and white but can the black and white be so perfectly positioned that they never meet and create that grey area?

That small bit of space I give myself to live in my dreams is so dangerous because I may forget that it isn’t real. I want the real thing. I want to stand in my truth. I want to be happy with regard to others, even if I don’t know them.

This shit ain’t easy and there are times I want to just live in the dream. So the only way to compromise is to make my dreams reality and not fall for the mirage. I have to hold out for the real thing. It will come if I remain patient.

But what is crazy to me is that the wrong thing can feel so right, so good. It only leaves my emotions to fight each other and my mind feeling crazy. so my question is:

Why/how can the right thing feel so bad and the wrong thing feel so good?

Feel free to leave your comments, even tell me about a time you went through something that left you feeling like this. email me if you would like

R U VeRacioUs?


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