Falling in love

is The moment you look at yourself and say ” I am falling in love with myself”

I never understood what that meant, like I did not understand how I could actually do that, until just now. It is so crazy that it is actually happening and I can feel it.

I love how giving I am, I love how I can make mistakes and it doesn’t ruin my day or my week, I love how I stand up for myself, I respect the fact that I realize I am not perfect, I acknowledge my strengths and weaker strengths, I find peace, I care, I get flustered and aggravated,when I am alone I don’t feel lonely, I laugh at myself,  I am lucky to have the experiences I have had good or “bad”, I love love, I understand hate is love on a different level of energy, I respect energy and I feel it…I see it.

I am getting to know myself for myself which will help others around me. I love my journey and I really appreciate times like this when I can take a step back and just appreciate myself.

The best thing about it is when I appreciate myself I am appreciating God and I feel so close to him which brings me such an amazing feeling;

Clarity, Love, Freedom, and Peace.

Whenever you get to a point where you are frustrated about something that you can’t figure out, or find, or do, try your hardest to just step away from it for a while. Go back to it later when you have had time to get out of those emotions of frustration and anger. The great part about that is that most of the time you don’t even have to go back to it, because whatever is meant for us will come to us; we just have to let it.

R U Veracious?


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