Judge me

I had a talk today that reminded me of the way I view life and the people I come into contact with in it. It is so easy to sit back and judge someone else, I mean it almost seems to come naturally; but is it really natural? No one likes to be judged in a negative light but every one of us does it at one time or another.

I mean really, look how popular all of these reality shows are and then think about what is so good about them. We get to just sit back and judge other peoples lives so we can feel…better. We are entertained by the mistakes of others and distracted from our own. Not to say that it is all bad because it really is not, they do some positive things sometimes and you can always learn from other peoples success as well as their failure, but be sure to pay attention to why  and what you are entertained by.

I have judged people and then I turned right around and ended up in the same situation, which really puts things into perspective. I am not better than anyone else and they are not better than me. I really really want to work on the way I project my feelings and thoughts onto others. We all get into tough situations and we don’t always make the best or the expected decisions. We all live together but we lead our own lives and we choose our paths for different reasons. Things are not always black and white and it is tough; we are only human.

My point today is let people know how you feel with only pure intentions; no intention for them to do what you think is best and no expectation of them at all; just pure intention for them to do better. If you really want what is best for them do you think trying to make them feel bad is the best option? When we feel guilty it eats us from the inside out and the only way to beat that is to feel good. I am not saying to sugar coat things at all, I am saying to check your true intentions before you make the decision to speak to someone you care about with the intent on helping them; before you decide to judge. Judgement never feels good and unless you are perfect, who are you really to judge?

Say it straight,clear, and with a smile. Be humble, true, and aware. Life is not easy, accept that and decide to help instead of fight. It may not always seem like it but we are all in this together, we should really start acting like it.


R U Veracious?


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