In the moment

I spent years of my life living in the essence of a moment; missing the ones that came after. The mind is so powerful that it can take you for a ride that some never get off.

Spiraling out of control; deeper and deeper into oblivion…Until

I finally caught a glimpse of a moment.

Such a breath of fresh air in this moment.

So much pain and freedom in this moment.

Strength and weakness in this moment.

Sharing a smile with a random stranger that you know you will never see again…

Thank God for those pure moments of spiritual humanity.

I spent years of my life trying to figure it all out instead of taking it for what it is…LIFE

Had I ever even seen a cloud before?                                                                                                    Felt the energy and serenity that water brings?                                                                                      The way nature seems to glow on a sunless rainy day, almost like the sun left some rays to reflect off the trees just as a reminder of its presence even in the dark.                              What about the instant gratification of truly helping another person with NO expectations?

I really could’t say if I had ever seen any of it before, but now as I live in the moments that create my life I know I am seeing and feeling all of it now.

As I look up from my mind I am so grateful that I get to experience the beauty of my reality. I acknowledge that I am the creator of my reality and God gives me the freedom to follow his lead…or not. I see that he leaves me with all of the tools I need to live a happy, peaceful, and fulfilling life.

So I choose to live in the moments that I have been blessed to receive and I strive to be in them all. I am not my brain and it is not me. I am spiritually connected to every single person on this earth and more. I feel love, pain, disappointment, strength, weakness, shame, but I am none of those things.

We are all undefined and we are everlasting; take YOUR moment.                                                It is here for YOU, no matter what.

R U Veracious?


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