Tragedy happens to all of us.

We like to compare our struggles to others but struggle is not tangible;  it cannot be measured.

What do you do with your tragedy?
Do you run to whatever empty task that will keep you busy; sex, drugs, work, confrontation?
Shut down and separate yourself from reality?
Get mad at the world??
Play victim?
or do you fight?

Fight the urge to run from the pain in order to cope and learn the difficult  lessons that tragedy provides just for YOU.

I ran from my struggle for so long
I finally figured out that all I was doing was adding more and more weight on my back. The day I finally realized it was too heavy is the day I was ready to jump…I didn’t but a part of me did die that day; let the healing begin…

My fight:

When I feel the pain, I feel it I don’t run from it.
I speak my mind.
I question myself and my motives.
I pay attention to my surroundings and learn from others; a time to speak and I time to listen.
Learn that it is not about right and wrong.
I work hard to accept me for me so I tell myself the truth.
I love myself for my mistakes and work on not beating myself up for them.
I find the positive in every situation although sometimes are much harder than others.
I remind myself that I don’t know how I am going to get where I am going or even where I am going, I just know that I will get there and I will be happy.

Life isn’t easy, but nothing worth having ever is. Let the beauty from the pain find you, feel it and continue to live, learn, love, and feel. Life has so much more to offer than distractions.

“When u can let go of the illusion of having control, you won’t  have to look for happiness anymore it will find you”.

-Ashley Williams

R U Veracious?


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