The situation

Mental stimulation had me lost in the situation.

I ask God for more patience and he blessed me with these trials and tribulations.

The boy I looked to as my man dealt with so much temptation;the bigger picture was reduced to a whisper in the wind.

At the end of the day in his immature mind there was no teamwork, it was me or him.

Standing in this situation full of manipulation, or was it love?

A verb I started to interrogate; an emotion I used to describe this prison I built myself.                                                    So how was this a description  I used to think of?

Enough! I took a step back.                   Started peeling my soul from the concrete.                                                             

I felt the warm caress of the sun, time for me and the rose that grew through me to meet.

So much beauty and blood, but no more running from the pain or the rain that now falls out my eyes.

I stand for myself, I slowly step out of my mind and I find.

I was blessed with this situation and all of its humbling lessons of life. 

I would never have gotten to know what real love actually feels like or what it’s like to fly.

Years of fighting and I won’t ever stop just rise to the next level of salvation. 

I have all the tools I need to learn from my mistakes but never get lost in the situation. 



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