My God

Today I was walking around at work (working of course 😉) and a co-worker that I consider a friend says to me ” You look happy, you walkin around here like you’re married” lol.

He always says “don’t worry your time is coming to get married, these guys out here are crazy…. I need to let my guard down just a little” hahaha

The funny part was I was actually thinking about getting married…and then it hit me. I am already married, to God. Me and God are literally one. I just now started to have a real relationship with God because I am just now understanding what that actually means.

When I was growing up I was always told what God was supposed to be by the church, the preacher, society… What he wanted me to do or not do, how he wanted me to think not think, and even how he wanted me to feel… A broad picture was painted of God that I honestly had no idea how to get to know… How to understand. I did not like that feeling; It just made me feel lost and afraid.

It was only this year that I realized God is not the same to any of us, just like none of us are the same. The minute I started being more open minded I looked into spirituality opposed to religion and I have never felt more free, more close to God. I feel God everyday and I watch him lead the way for my life. I know I make mistakes and I second guess my intuition from time to time but I also know that is him teaching me. Making me better and preparing me for whatever he put me here to do. He is making sure I feel good at the end of the day because nothing that comes easy is every worth it. He knows I have to work to feel good about my accomplishments.

My God is funny, beautiful, loving, caring, and understanding. Through him I realize I am all of those things and more. The more I accept him the more I accept myself.

I just wanted to share this because it was on my heart. As I always say reach out if you want to talk  or leave a comment right here! R U Veracious??


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