I am so grateful for genuine people! The people that want nothing from you but to encourage and send positive energy my way.

There is one guy at work that always asks me about my business ventures and says that I can do it and I will. Says keep going its right around the corner. Gives me the biggest smiles. He has never hit on me, never asked me for anything…ever and when we see each other we are truly happy to see each other. Its such a great feeling; it really makes me feel loved and special and just happy.

I probably won’t ever share a meal with him or even see him outside of work  but he still has a positive influence in my life. I will do everything that I believe I can do and people like him are absolutely helping me along the way.

Thank You! People like you remind me that I can and I will. God will show us the way, we just have to be grateful and pay attention to what he gives to us, put out good pure energy and it comes back in all types of ways. Enjoy your day and don’t tell it like it is, tell it how you want it to be!!!! You have to believe it before you can see it. Be grateful and smile!! You are so BEAUTIFUL!!!!

R U Veracious?


Image credit: Joyce Meyer


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