Ever think deeper and wonder why nothing that’s worth it is ever easy? Do you ever wonder why senseless violence floods the streets and the news?

They say we’re at war but do we acknowledge the war we were born into? Good vs. Evil, Dark vs. Light.

Then we get into the question of what is “good” “evil”? The road to hell is paved with good intentions… 

I saw a youtube video the other day, this guy was speaking about the attacks in Paris. He said it was just the devil throwing a temper tantrum, because no matter what he does God will win the war in the end.All darkness eventually comes to the light.

I’ve always questions the things I learned growing up and honestly that included God. Why would he say this and do this? Why can’t I see him? How do I know he is real? Then I started to notice it wasn’t God that I was questioning, it was the bible, which man wrote; religion.

There are several different books that testify to their own beliefs and who is to say what is accurate or not? So I go deeper. What do these religions have in common? A higher power: spirituality. Spirituality and energy is what I am exploring now.

We are all connected spiritually, so when we hear about things happening across the world we are very much affected by them. Even though we have never met these people a day in our lives we feel a fraction of there pain. On the flip side,sometimes I laugh with someone just because they are laughing; I feel them. Ya feel me? Lol

I love when I can hear another perspective and actually sit back and feel them…hear them. Let their knowledge work it’s way through my mental. 

We are at war everyday. There are so many distractions out here that keep us far away from the truth and let’s be honest,most of us wouldn’t want the truth if we had the choice because then we would have to do something or live with the guilt that would eat away at us every moment even with the distractions. Even when we don’t choose to acknowledge it.

When our minds are clear and releaved of the noise from the everyday grind, that’s where God is…which is where YOU are. Your true self: your spirit.

I believe God exposes us to evil so we can learn from it, gain strength from it, and be grateful for the light. 

So yes there are terrible things that happen everyday and we are at war, but the truth is not for us to fear; knowledge is power and fear is not real but perspective is. 

I choose to keep on being the best me I can be every single moment and when I mess up I choose to love myself.I’m working on not being hard on myself and that’s when the people around me help me… A loved one or God sends me a complete stranger, a co-worker, or an acquaintance to cheer me on. I would miss all of the blessings God sent me if my perspective was not seeking positive energy.

So no matter how tough or hopeless it gets, tomorrow is a brand new day and now is a new moment. You can do whatever you believe you can do. Love you. Have patience and when you can’t be positive take a step back to clear your mind of it all and just be grateful; let all of the positive come to you.

R U Veracious?


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