It seems like people always say “have patience” , I know I have been hearing that all my life; movies, shows…More recently people have been saying it to me directly. So I say “I am being patient” yet I want what I want when I think I should have it and I still lived a rushed lifestyle; by rushed I mean I have to wait until the last minute to leave for work or wherever I may be going…hummm. If anyone has ever been in the car with me they know I have a lead foot; rush rush rush. Rush so I get to work on time so I can make $ but get a super speeder ticket which loses me $$$$.

We are all human and when we rush we can’t help but make mistakes so we usually end up using more time than we were trying to save by moving so quick.

When I am actually patient… I don’t even have to worry and it all just makes sense. When I give myself enough time to do what I need to without rushing I get everything done and I end up actually running into other things I needed or something I lost. Haha. The money I needed, job, situation…

I realize it’s not so much patience that I’m afraid of, it’s being out of control. I go through life trying to control time along with everything else. I do it so much that sometimes I get in certain situations with a decision already in mind, but when things start to shift I will still only see the decision I made with the original factors in mind. No bueno.haha

When we take a minute to sit back and let things happen opposed to force them to happen then what is meant for you will actually come to you! It’s crazy to just sit back, cruise, and watch life unfold. Just gotta be patient😘

Patience-the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

It’s not easy, but nothing that’s ever worth it is. R u veracious?


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