Hate is a silent killer, a snake in the grass

It’s so slick that people don’t even know it has a hold of their ass

Why do we feel entitled to give others what they give us?

especially when they do some shit we could never trust

caught up

in the feeling of defending ourselves

losing our grip of reality and clinging to cries for help

save me from this hate that I consistently become consumed with

left to argue with a fool in a swap like abyss

but we don’t let enough silence fill the room to see the filth of the waste we consume

So understand this, there is always another way

and the answer isn’t always to stay

Sometimes love is letting go

a clear mind is a gateway to the soul

Come to grips with who you are and fight for the light

And if they say your love is wrong, let em

what’s the value in being right?

-Ashley Williams

-R U Veracious?


4 thoughts on “Hate

  1. Dope!! I’m living through so many different dynamics of this right now. Introspection cultivated power!! That’s what’s up girl! I see you!!!


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