So sex has been on my mind a lot lately, maybe because right now I’m not giving up my goods. Lol. But either way I wanna share my thoughts on sex.

It seems like a lot people don’t have sex for love 💔. Maybe  it’s just the people I come into contact with and the media, but man people make me seem crazy because I want more from sex than just a good time…

I mean think about it, sex is the closest you can be to another person besides a woman and the child that she carries inside of her for 9 months; so why do so many take it so light? Why are so many so comfortable with sharing the most Intimate part of themselves with people they hardly know? It can’t just be about  the physical pressure, I mean in the moment it absolutely seems that way but as I learn more about people I realize it is way more than that.

We all go through a lot mentally, every one of us, and regardless of the specifics we all handle things our own way internally. The struggle leaves a lot of us wanting a quick fix,” I just want to feel something.” Pain  or Pleasure, Love or Hate;whatever makes us feel like we are actually living. Sometimes we want to feel physical pain to take our minds off the pain we feel inside, is sex a way to accomplish that? A quick fix, quick pleasure, feeling wanted, validation, confidence, shame,guilt, or just comfort.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know that sometimes you just have chemistry with a  person and you share some amazing moments with them mentally, sexually, physically and alladat, which can be a beautiful thing. I also understand the “why take life so seriously, YOLO”, but be honest how does that shit feel afterwards when you are alone again? 

What about the health aspect of it? The world we live in today is very dangerous as far as sexual diseases and sexual predators, do you take that into consideration or do you live like it can’t happen to you?

 I swear we all have the best excuses to live the way we want to regardless of the circumstances or consequences. I do it, you do it, humans all do it; sex is just one thing I chose to explore. I am not passing judgment, just sharing my perspective and asking for yours .Ultimately it is your life to live and you have to be the one to live with your own decisions; walk down your own path.  

Personally, I just want it all! I want the love, companionship, trust, foundation, fun, loyalty, freaky, compassion, climax, exhilarating , ecstasy,and pure connection that I know can come with 2 people that share that love for each other. I want them to know me, good and bad, I want them to be committed to me and put in the effort it takes to really become one with a person. I want them to feel how special they are for me to share  my body, mind, and soul with them and visa versa.I want to explore different sexual experiences with that person. I want everything sex has to offer and I think a lot of people sell themselves short by spreading the love to so many. It has to get watered down…you know?

This discussion is not just referring to women, I know several men that lose themselves in sex with different women just the numb their heartbreak or feel like a “Man” society plays a big roll in that thought process. 
So let’s talk about it…how do you feel about sex? Is it special or just fun? Do you feel good during and after sex with someone that doesn’t love you or even know you?  Do you feel proud? Ashamed? Fulfilled? What do you get out of it? A ring? Love? Family? Validation?

Check out these links below for other people’s perspectives and research. Get a little more informed before you form an opinion if you are not already well read on the subject. 

I look forward to hearing from you all 😙😚😆

R U Veracious???


4 thoughts on “Sex

  1. Such a philosophical topic I love it. So let me give my perspective. Sex obviously is a drive, and sometimes I do feel the urge to satisfy the drive, in the same way I satisfy hunger or thirst. But even hunger can be satisfied without being satisfied. Imagine craving a delicious burger but settling with a ham and cheese sandwich. Sure, you aren’t hungry, but you are left craving. I feel sex is similar. I think there is a difference between satisfying the craving with a random person and having sex with someone you connect with. The latter is always superior to the former. I agree, it is arguably the most intimate two people can get.

    Also, I feel sometimes hurt men sleep around as a means to by which at the sex that somehow did them wrong. Of course it is wrong, but men sometimes use BS reasoning, though it is real. The STD argument is for sure valid, and that’s one thing that has always had me thinking about concerning one night stands. 30 minutes aint worth Herpes I say lol.


    1. That is such a great analogy; a craving and I feel that way about sex! Ham and cheese or 100% grass fed angus beef burger lol.
      What do you mean by ” I feel sometimes hurt men sleep around as a means to by which at the sex that somehow did them wrong. Of course it is wrong, but men sometimes use BS reasoning, though it is real”

      Sex doesn’t even last that long and you can leave with something you didn’t come with that can affect your life forever! I was thinking that too! haha 30 minuntes definitely is not worth herpes or another permanent virus.

      So I want a male perspective about sex, do you feel like you can be happy having sex with one person for the rest of your life? If you are in that situation now then how did you feel before you found that one?
      Also does it matter how many sexual partners a person has had that you are interested in sexually?


      1. I meant to put that men sometimes sleep around with women as a sort of a vendetta against the entire sex solely because one person did them wrong (sometimes that is the case). Gosh IDK if I can make judgement on rest of my life for I am too young to make that call. But I do feel like when I have been with someone I have been pretty content with them. It’s impossible to eliminate the arousal you get when you see other people who you find attractive but it really for me has never led to acting on it. But guys are horndogs I will say that.


  2. Oh ok got it, I feel like women and men do that to get back at the opposite sex. And I know men absolutely look at sex differently than women and that has a lot to do with our biological makeup which is why I never expect for any man to not look at or be turned on by another woman but I do know men that do not want to act on it and I feel like that is such a valuable space to be in.


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