I see

I think we all see what we need to when we need to. If timing is off, it just isn’t the right time. Faith can be very tough when you are just learning how to really trust because you thought you were in control all this time… It’s so hard to let go. I see that when I decide not to worry things just fall into place. I heard a song today that said worrying is like a prayer for just that.#FACTS

So I’m learning to be ok and even grateful when things don’t fall into place the way I thought they would. Learning to trust me because God made me just the way he wanted to. He knows what will get me moving and he knows how to make me stay put. No reason to question him, just look for him. Look for him throughout your day so you know which way to go. He knows that we have to make countless decisions every single day and those decisions determine our lives…no need to carry so much weight when he is more than willing to carry it for you.

I use to question whether there was a God and I honestly just had this talk with God recently. I know that he knows every single thought but it was still hard for me to admit this to him, but after I did it really did feel better. It was like a weight of guilt was lifted. So as I look back on how I use to view things and how I do now I realize he has been here and I just haven’t acknowledged him. Now I see him a lot more. It’s just time for me to listen and lord knows he made a hard headed aries. lol. but he also knows that I once was blind and now I see… Do you?

R U veRacioUs?


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