In my mind…

I think so much about so many things. I think about God, feelings, life, the United States, Learning, what I should be doing, what I shouldn’t… I get exhausted without even realizing it. I think so much about what other people think when interacting with them that I forget to notice what the F I actually  think about what’s going on!

Afterward… The reflection: I either learn or I begin to tear in to myself worse than any critic could, if given the opportunity.

Sometimes I have to actively fight to create a positive point of view and sometimes it is NOT easy.

I have notice that I have a high bull shit radar when it comes to people I do not have an emotional attachment to, but when I do get close to someone the self doubt creeps in and I find myself in situations that are tough to get out of.

I have to get these thoughts out or I harbor them and they grow into different aspects of my life that I have little chance of recognizing. I’m starting to see that I end up holding myself back in my LIFE.

So reflecting on today: I heard F your feeling 2 times today; directly and indirectly. I do not believe in coincidences so I know their is an opportunity for me to learn from this statement.

On one hand it makes me feel so free to yell F your FEELINGS!!!! because I know I am am not my feelings.
On the other hand I know I feel for a reason and I see what neglecting my feelings has done in my life.

So, right now today I have decided to pay attention to how I feel by writing down how I feel at the end of each day. Release…reflect…learn…PROGRESS

It is important to take care of myself emotionally just as much as it is physically and I will not let anyone tell me any different. I AM HUMAN and I do FEEL; but I AM HUMAN and I am not my feelings.

I am love, I am light, and I am a reflection of God. He made me just the way I am for a reason. So I will not run, I will fight. He gave me all the tools I need…Time to use them one moment at a time with him holding my hand as my guide.

Big exhale…Goodnight

5/4/17  12:38 am


R U Veracious? What is your Gorgeous Perspective?




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