Unfulfilled Potential

Watching a trailer for “The Circle” and Emma Watson’s character is being interview for a job. One of the questions they asked her was what are you most scared of? Her reply was“Unfulfilled Potential.”

I never looked at it that way but Unfulfilled Potential is something I have struggled with since grade school. “You have so much potential,” I heard that in school, playing basketball, singing… I started to notice that it was true, I had all the potential in the world, but at the end of the day I felt like potential was all it was.

So hearing her say that was her biggest fear has really connected a lot of dots in my life. I realize that I have not fulfilled my full potential and I am the only reason why. My subconscious fear of not fulfilling it has brought me just that; “I hold beliefs and my beliefs create my expectations” said Greg Kuhn. God has allowed me to be the co-creator of my world; it starts with a thought, words, belief, and finally reality.

You cannot accept anything until you face it, you can’t face it until you acknowledge it, and you can’t acknowledge it until you are able to admit the truth…Your truth.

I WILL fulfill every bit of the potential that God gave me. God gave me several gifts to share and I will share them all. This is the beginning of my freedom; fear is imprisonment and I have the master key.


R U Veracious?



My Gorgeous Point of View 😉


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