Have you ever wanted to cry so hard but had to keep it together because you were in public?

A cry so hard that it felt like you were crying for all of the pain anyone may have ever felt?

So deep that it vibrates into tears of extreme happiness?

It feels like I am just learning how to see and feel outside of myself. I’ve spent so long embodied in my own perspective that I haven’t truly connected with many others. 

A connection is a powerful thing that I think I have rejected for a deeper reason than I have come to learn or explore.
I feel like I’ve been locked in my mind for the first part of my life and the new paradigm shift humanity is  experiencing is rolling me off a cliff in hopes of waking me up before I hit the ground…

Fight or flight.

The gag is, the only one I’m fighting is me. 

“We have to learn to communicate with ourselves in order to effectively communicate with others.”
So maybe the deep feelings I felt were feelings that I have kept buried deep for decades and I’m just scratching the surface. All these feelings that I dropped when I felt like they were too much for me to carry on my journey of solitude… more so seclusion.
My angels are speaking to me now because it’s time for me to listen. They have been taking good Care of me but now it’s time for me to see.

What is your Gorgeous POV?


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