I know better than God

How many times have we told God he was wrong AND THEN had the audacity  to try and prove him wrong??!

Speaking for myself I have had a tough time accepting things that don’t go the way I want them to, excuse me the way I think I want them to.

I thought I wanted to be with my ex and…..er ummmm yeah, clearly that didn’t go so well. I use to complain constantly. I use to regret and look back on situations like ” I should have said this, I should have done that, why couldn’t it happen like this…”

I still struggle with certain things that I feel should have gone another way in my life but when I get to the bottom of what I am really saying, it’s ” God must no know exactly what he is doing and I know better”

Would I ever actually say that out right? Absolutely not, but that doesn’t mean I’m not saying that with my actions.

I have noticed that in the world we live in now there is a lot of fluff and lack of responsibility that will leave us so disconnected with ourselves that we don’t even hear what we are saying.

God lives in all of us so how can we hear him if we don’t hear ourselves?

Scary… not only for ourselves but for the youth that is so impressionable and susceptible to different forces that surround us constantly.

I believe that we all have an urge to be “good”, but when we are not connected to God we leave ourselves in a field full of snakes with no escape.

For this reason I like to engage in deep conversations, how else will you learn to swim?

God tells us to have faith for a reason but we all have to learn in our own way. He didn’t make us perfect because we need to learn to have faith, that is how we ourselves know it’s real.

The same reason that we have to work hard to feel accomplished. The feeling of getting an A because I cheated on a test is nothing compared to the feeling of getting an A because I worked for it. Yes I have cheated on a test…or 2, I had to learn and yes I am a hard headed Ram 🙂

That being said I know there are way harder lessons and tests of faith than school and relationships failing… People are tested in unimaginable ways that I myself could not even begin to relate to, but to all of you I still want to extend my prayers and encouragement. The harder the test the more he knows you can handle.

You are so strong! Even if you don’t think so, even if you feel weak, and even if everyone around you tells you otherwise. YOU BELONG TO GOD AND HE KNOWS YOU ARE STRONG!

He asks us to be grateful regardless of our circumstance; this act of faith creates unimaginable blessings and makes the heavens ring with joy. That does not mean it is going to be easy so don’t be hard on yourself for tripping on your path, he understands that nothing worth anything ever comes easy.

So please pay attention to the words you say, think, and feel. Set aside time to consciously walk with God and reflect… Learn to listen by being still. Take your time, relax and let him lead you to peace. You can do it!


What is your Gorgeous POV?

feel free to email or comment.


Ashley Williams



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