Paypal FRAUD

Hello everyone!

I just want to drop a quick warning just in case anyone comes across this scam.
I was selling something on Craigslist and someone told me they would pay using paypal if I shipped the item. Here is our convo over text, start reading top left down then top right down:

 I’ve have been scammed before and although the scammer didn’t attempt to use paypal it was a red flag when they were ok with paying me before hand, they didn’t follow through with asking for more pictures and the balance did not reflect in my account.

So I called paypal but they had a 35-45 minute hold time! 😲

So the email was in fact in my spam folder…another red flag but they did a really good job with making the email look legitimate, read in the same order as text:

I couldn’t reach paypal so I did a quick Google search and found several complaints on the same type of scam. smh

So please be aware, especially when you feel like you really need money or something. We tend go ignore the signs when we feel like we need something.
 I hope this helps!! #staywoke


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